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The Best of Glendale

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Glendale. The third largest city in the LA County area and one of its finest to boot. Located a mere eight miles from downtown Los Angeles, this community lies close to other prominent areas of Southern California: Burbank, Griffith Park, and Pasadena (to name a few). Those looking for apartments for rent in Glendale, CA could easily cite the sunny California climate and star-studded residents as main draws, that would take away from the city’s hidden qualities which are no less impressive…

*Glendale: More Than Meets The Eye

Let’s talk about history. Did you know that Glendale has served as home to a great many animation studios? Imagineering, The Muppets Studio, Marvel Animation, and DreamWorks Animation have all hung their hats here at some point in time.

Glendale is also a serious business hub, with over five business associations representing various commercial interests and many more businesses calling the area their home. Combine that with the fact that Glendale is one of the safest communities in the country, and it’s no surprise that so many come to the area to set up shop.

Perhaps most significant to potential residents, though, is Glendale’s ever sustained commitment to fostering community through various events. For an outsider looking in, it’s actually astounding how much could be going on at any given moment!

Looking over last year’s calendar briefly, you’ll see entries like the Alex Theatre Tour, a backstage tour of the famous Alex Theatre that includes a look at its deep history and steady transformation into an internationally renown performing venue.

There was the Shakespearience, ostensibly a field trip, it has introduced more than 70,000 people to the works of The Bard through its unique presentation style. This wasn’t the only live performance on the docket, though. There were plenty of shows by theater and dance groups, and more than one live podcast taping from some of the biggest names in the business.

Of course, not all of the events were of the creative and performing arts variety. There were also plenty of appearances by Yoga On The Green and the Downtown Farmer’s market, for those looking to get healthy and buy some fresh, local produce. Glendale Tech Week allowed individuals an opportunity to meet some of the most prominent tech influencers in the game. There was even a notable public discussion between prominent scientists and thought leaders Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris.

This year, the event schedule is back in full force, upping the ante with even more amazing community events. The year kicks off with a grand performance from the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Followed up three days of laughs from the Glendale Comedy Festival. The ever beloved Shakespearience will be making a return, and there are still plenty more performances and theater tours planned, along with other events that are in the works.

Indeed, Glendale has quite a good thing going for itself when it comes to community-focused entertainment. Bet you’re wondering how you can get in on that action, no?

*Time To Look For Apartments For Rent in Glendale CA

Is there any reason not to? Glendale is a vibrant community with an ever expanding list of positive qualities. Now that stunning apartment communities like Altana are up and running, the options for modern, resort-style living just became that much more enticing.

Located in the heart of Glendale, this luxury complex is taking the meaning of comfort to a whole new level. First off, the proximity to everything hip and happening cannot be overlooked. If you’re looking for good eating, you need only trek down the street to options like Katsuya, Porto’s, or Damon’s. The types of cuisine nearby run the gamut, and your palate will likely thank you for giving them all a go.

Those looking for a cultured night out have plenty of options, from the aforementioned Alex Theatre to the five star MGN Cinema. The advanced megaplex also features cozy bars and lounges and in-theatre dining. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a new film in style. Entertainment options aren’t limited to catching a play or film, mind you. You can head on over to one of the LA area’s many live music venues and catch a show from both local acts and touring bands. During the day, there’s ample opportunity to check out the zoo, a winery/brewery, or to do some shopping at one of the many esteemed businesses in the area.

There are plenty of options for recreation, from a simple stroll through Fremont Park, to a couple of rounds of golf at Scholl Canyon Golf Club.If you’re looking for a more adventurous outdoor excursion, though, you might try a trip to the Verdugo Mountains or Deukmejian Wilderness Park.

The Altana building itself is a recent and contemporary structure. One look from the exterior and you can tell that you’ve entered a modern masterpiece. Throughout the interior areas, you’ll see that same kind of luxury reflected. The lobby, lounge, theater, business center, and more are all the pinnacle of panache. There’s even a rooftop pool and private outdoor spaces that capture the serenity of nature in a confined, secluded area. This is all in addition to the top of the line yoga room and peaceful Zen garden.

The floor plans are numerous, tailored to fit many different lifestyles. Smaller studio options are perfect for the single minimalist. One-bedroom and two-bedroom offerings offer a greater amount of space, either for the up-and-coming professional or newly minted couple. Our three-bedroom varieties grant the greatest level of space and luxury for whoever may require it, with plenty of rooms to spare.

All units are equipped with fine cabinetry, air conditioning, high ceilings, wood floors, marble tile, stainless steel appliances, a stacked washer/dryer, and plenty of other amenities to complement a modern, opulent lifestyle. This isn’t run-of-the-mill living by any stretch.

If the long list of perks wasn’t enough, there are also exclusive events available only to residents! Check out our unit availability and enjoy a new standard of living: the resort-style apartment of the future.