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Millennials Choose Glendale

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There's a trend afoot. In droves, millennials are descending upon urban centers, snatching up apartments in Glendale, CA, and similar locales. Undeterred by costs, these youngsters are willing to pay for quality—particularly where apartment features and amenities are concerned. They're also concerned about location, as an overview of some of the most popular spots for millennials reveals. What's driving this general attitude? What other qualities are this generation putting a priority on? Which locations rank as some of the some of the most attractive to younger apartment-seekers? Let's take a look at what's causing millennials to flock to the city.

Millennial Trends

It's no secret that millennials are fueling something of an apartment boom. Nearly 50% of millennials are renters. Twenty seven percent of those "rent share" with a roommate or roommates. Forecasts show that millennials will be part of the "prime renter" population until 2030 and beyond. Furthermore, a report from USA Today revealed that:

"Forty-seven states saw construction shift from houses toward apartments, as measured by approval of permits, between 2005 and 2014, the most recent complete year of census data."

What's interesting is that this shift coincided with the coming-of-age of many millennials. Now out on their own, they're turning to apartments to provide shelter, a trend that may well continue into the coming years. While 21% of millennials still live at home, 90% of those expect to move out within the next five years. There's a large number of potential renters on the way, and they're attracted to life in urban centers, something that is influenced by a whole host of factors.

In part, it's because that's where the jobs that they seek are located. Like all generations before them, millennials want employment that pays well. On top of that, though, they put an increasing priority on technology in the workplace, active engagement on the job, and a chance to grow within their chosen career field. What's more, they're willing to hop around to get what they want.

According to the Harvard Business Review, millennials are "consumers of the workplace," ready to pick-up and move at the opportune moment:

"On the job-hopping question, we found that 21% of millennial workers had left their job in the last year to do something else, a number that is more than three times higher than that of non-millennials who report doing the same."

Increasingly, the fields they are interested in—those at the cutting-edge of tech with ample room for growth, happen to be in or around urban areas on the upswing. It's not just the job market that has millennials attracted to city life, though. The thrill of urban culture also has its allure.

From hip restaurants to exciting performance venues, the city has the kind of fun atmosphere that is appealing to younger (often single) individuals. If you want to have a rich social life, there's often no better spot than near a big city. Urban areas are also hubs for convenience, something that millennials demand en masse. Ride-sharing, ordering food, and a host of other perks are greatly enhanced by city living.

Speaking more in-depth on that first point, it's also important to note that over the last 30 years, the number of adults who possess driver's licenses has dropped significantly. Placing other factors above owning a car, some millennials require the walkability and abundant public transportation that is typically reserved for urban areas.

So, what are millennials after in an apartment itself? Again, convenience and quality are the overriding factors. Since millennials are less likely to entertain guests, the space of the apartment takes a backseat to technology and upscale building amenities. Big living room? Not nearly as important as it was a few decades ago.

Modern appliances, wi-fi, and yoga rooms are just a few of the things that make apartments more friendly to this new generation, with the full list populated by similar items that increase so-called "quality of life." In this new age, the home is, more than anything, a completely private space, and in-unit "efficiency" is prized above all else.

How Apartments In Glendale CA Fit The Bill

Earlier, we mentioned Glendale as one of the popular urban areas millennials are migrating to. What's fueling this particular facet of the overall trend towards living in the city? One major factor is that Glendale is in a near-perfect location.

It's close enough to the heart of Los Angeles that residents can experience the full breadth of excitement that the downtown area has to offer, while not being right in the mix of it full-time. Furthermore, they can just as easily head north, outside the bounds of the urban zone, and take part in the wonder of the outdoors—the best of both world.

There's ample opportunity for work and play. Shopping, dining, and entertainment options run the gamut, and the scenic setting is also home to a fairly diverse population, something that millennials value.

Of the many apartment buildings in this part of sunny southern California, The Altana might be the one that most closely adheres to the standard of living that millennials so deeply cherish. Located near the Fremont Park area, the building is conveniently positioned near great restaurants like Katsuya, retail stores like Nordstrom, and diversions such as the Alex Theatre and Los Angeles Zoo. Those that value their outdoor time will have no trouble getting over to Brand Park or the Verdugo Mountains to become one with nature either.

Inside the building itself, the units are finely designed to provide optimal comfort. With floor plans ranging from smaller studios to more spacious three-bedroom options, there's something for fit the needs of any single renter, couples, or group that wants to live there. In-unit, features are designed to make life easy. High ceilings, hi-tech appliances, fine cabinets and countertops—everything tuned to the utmost quality.

This extends to the building amenities as well, with the fitness center, pool, and capable wi-fi network (among others) providing everything the modern millennial needs to make the complex their prime choice. It's little wonder that Altana has been able to make its name on supplying resort-style living in a city setting that caters to the needs of a younger generation of renters.