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Indoor Plants for Your Home

February 28, 2019

Florarium glass vase with succulents

Indoor plants do more than add a pop of color to your living spaces, they contain a variety of benefits from improving your air quality to creating botanical treatments. The luxury apartments in Riverside are filled with a combination of greenery, but which ones deserve the title of best? Here are the top 10 plants to place in your humble abode.

1. Aloe Vera

Best known for easing the discomfort of sunburn, Aloe Vera is a beautiful choice for any home. The gel found within this unique plant can heal more than just a bad day in the sun, though. From facial masks to topical creams, you can create a wide variety of detoxifying treatments for your skin.

If you’re looking for an exceptional air cleaner as well, then look no further. Aloe Vera is strong enough to remove harsh pollutants from cleaning products. Place this plant in a sunny corner of your home and will work day and night to keep your apartment feeling fresh.

2. English Ivy

Did you know that NASA once conducted a study to find which plants have the strongest air-filtering properties? As it turns out, English Ivy ranks pretty high on the list. This particular plant is the best at absorbing formaldehyde, one of the many agents that degrade the quality of indoor air.

Not only is it a tough cleaner, it’s easy to grow. With medium sunlight and a little water, you’ll find yourself trimming English Ivy in no time. To make the most of its air-filtering properties, hang it in a basket from your ceiling and let it grow down.

3. Rubber Tree

The Rubber Tree is a survivor. Even in low temperatures and dim lighting, it continues to thrive. Aside from the resilience being perfect for in-home use, it is another exceptional air cleaner. The Rubber Tree is well known for purifying homes of toxins.

As if it’s low-maintenance conditions weren’t enough, caring for this plant is a breeze. Plant it, sit in a darker corner of the room, and give it water whenever the soil feels dry. That’s all you have to do to watch this tree flourish.

4. Peace Lily

Peace Lilies offer more than just a splash of green in your space, they also offer a beautiful white bloom. Once your flowers begin to grow, you can rest assured that the leaves are in full air-purification mode. The Peace Lily happens to be another toxin removing machine.

This plant grows best in the shade, allowing it to bask in cooler temperatures. So, don’t be afraid to place it away from the windowsill. Best of all, there nearly maintenance-free.

5. Snake Plant

Another low-light option, the Snake Plant doesn’t ask for much. While you’re busy working and enjoying your life, this interesting plant can almost handle itself. It still needs a little water from time to time, but hardly as much as the others on this list.

Snake Plants remove carbon dioxide from the air, turning it into precious oxygen. That added oxygen in the air not only purifies your home but makes breathing easier. The combination results in an excellent night’s sleep, making them perfect for the bedroom.

6. Bamboo Plant

As fun to grow as they are to look at, the Bamboo Plant also made NASA’s list with a purification score of 8.4 out of 10. It removes benzene and trichloroethylene (along with other toxins), which creates a calmer atmosphere.

The Bamboo Plant does bet in indirect sunlight and needs a lot of water to thrive. While the maintenance level is higher, there’s also a fun aspect to growing this plant. As it’s stems reach upwards, you can train them to bend and twist into beautiful shapes.

7. Philodendron

While the Philodendron can grow to enormous proportions, it can also stay small enough for in-home use as long as you keep it in a smaller pot. Its leaves are still larger than average, which is good. The leaves of this plant do an excellent job of removing formaldehyde in the air.

When cared for properly, this plant makes a distinctly decorative addition to your indoor spaces. IT also lasts for years if you give it enough attention. The Philodendron loves water and sunlight.

8. Spider Plant

One of the most common houseplants, you can find the Spider Plant in any home good store. It looks beautiful in a hanging basket, requires little care, and adds multiple shades of green to your indoor space. Best of all, this plant makes a living removing toxins in the air.

9. Red-Edges Dracaena

The green and red appeal of this plant might make it sound like it belongs in your home during the holidays, but its subtlety makes it perfect for all-year use. They can grow as large as 15 feet when cared for properly, allowing to fill any corner of your home.

This is another toxin destroyer, but it needs plenty of sunlight to keep up its fighting spirit. As for water, it isn’t any needier than most house plants. Set it near a window, water it once a week, and you’ll have another air-purifier ready to go.

10. Golden Pathos

Gorgeous gold-spotted leaves make this plant a looker, while its ability to clean the air makes it a valuable addition to any home. While you can keep a Golden Pathos small by placing it in a table-sized pot, its air-purification properties work best when you hang it from the ceiling and let its leaves grow down. This plant isn’t picky, so average sunlight and watering will do.

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