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Glendale Parks & Open Spaces

A mother and daughter embrace in a grassy park

The Glendale Parks & Open Space Foundation is committed to providing green spaces and open parks and trails for the enjoyment for families. Living in one of the new luxury apartments in Glendale supports the same concept. Sometimes how we live is impacted by where we live.

What makes Glendale special?


There are more than 50 parks in Glendale with open lawns, trails, waterfalls, and creeks. This creates a balanced community where people spend time outdoors and children participate in programs what help them stay healthy. The rural feeling of this much open country combined with the luxury apartments now available (Altana has more than 500 new lavish residences).

The City of Glendale owns and manages 5034-acres of natural open space. There are over 30 miles of fire roads, and 7.5 miles of trails. Hundreds of hiker, joggers, runner, mountain bike riders, and dog walkers every day.

Glendale is committed and dedicated to the environment. They have great plans for even more parks and natural areas for the public to enjoy. Their efforts are funded by Glendale Parks & Open Spaces. These sponsors support Interpretive Programs, trail maintenance crews, trail safety patrols, The Iris Gardens and the Glendale Outdoors program known as “GO”.

Two of the most popular parks at Brand Park and Deukmejian Wilderness Park

Brand Park

Brand park is a beautiful 31-acre park, that was one the home of Leslie Brand. It sits at the base of the Verdugo Mountains. The natural beauty of this estate is remarkable. At the head of the trail head stands a monument, The Miss America Green Statue. This statue stands as a monument to the great efforts that the City of Glendale put into the parks, and green spaces they attend to.

In 1904, the home was built as the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Brand. In the spring of 1925, Mr. Brand died and left his estate to the City of Glendale. In 1925 Mrs. Brand provided the home for which they would create a library and park. After Mrs. Brand died in 1945, the library was built and the park designed. In 1969, additions to the library added 21,000 square foot of space for Art Gallery, recital hall, sculpture court, and Brand Park Studios. At the request of Mr. and Mrs. Brand, the family and their dogs were buried on their property. It is accessed by a hiking trail and marked with a pyramid.

Deukmejian Wilderness Park

Nestled in the foothills of San Gabriel Mountains is 709-acres of natural wilderness. It is rugged and has a panoramic views of the Crescenta Valley and the Los Angeles basin. The natural park only has 12-acres that have been developed for the Park Center and Glendale Park Ranger Station. There are substantial hiking trails developed around and through the park, including a secluded Streamline trail.

Deukmejian Wilderness Park is also home of the historic Les Mesnager barn. This beautiful stone barn was built by French immigrant, George Le Mesnager. Mr. Le Mesnager used the barn as a winery. The City of Glendale purchased the land in 1968. The park has been developed just enough to allow people to visit and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. The vast majority of the park is completely natural.

Glendale Weddings

When you live in a city as vast and beautifully kept as Glendale, it will not surprise anyone that Glendale is a prime location for outdoor weddings. You can get married in a beautiful gazebo in impressive Brand Victorian Gazebo, which holds 200 people. For 100 people there is Casa Adobe de San Rafael. If you are having a gathering of 50 people or less, the Verdugo Adobe is a perfect choice.

There are also summer concerts held in the parks where many volunteers rise to the occasion of embracing the park programs.

Dorian Gardens Mini-Park

If you are interested in a smaller park where your kids can play and stay healthy and happy while learning to grab some fresh air and sunshine. Dorian Gardens mini park is roughly 34-acres and it provides two separate playgrounds.

Apartments in Glendale

It is not difficult to find apartments in Glendale, but if you want the good life of luxury you should check out the new apartments called Altana. Altana has the best of everything. The resort-style apartments sit on a full acre of private, open space.

The lobby and business center are plush and the apartments have a movie theater on site. Relax with your friends at the rooftop lounge or enjoy the rooftop pool deck. Altana even has a Zen garden. When you come home to Atlanta, you can leave the world outside.

Each of these luxury apartments has 9-foot ceilings, stainless steel appliances and chic countertops made of granite. The neutral color schemes make decorating effortless.

The apartments span two buildings with private open space and green lawns. There are many options in the floorplans. You can select a studio or loft resort style floor plan, or go with a one, two, or three bedroom selection.

Glendale has always had a soft, Southern California feel and a lot of important executives choose Glendale as their home. This may explain why the best restaurants, clubs, and shopping malls are within the Glendale city limits. This is luxury in a chic and understated neighborhood.

Life in Glendale

Because of the sponsors (Glendale Parks & Open Spaces) and the involvement of the volunteers and residents of Glendale, life here is unlike anywhere else. You have luxury living in residents that have been carefully placed and you enjoy life in the natural setting as it was meant to be. Here Children learn how to entertain themselves with outdoor play, sports, and fun. They also benefit from the massive endeavor which embraces the arts in the city of Glendale. They are educated in all fields with many programs. They mature into responsible and environmentally responsible adults.