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Glendale High Schools Dominate

June 13, 2019

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Last week, the U.S. News & World Report released their high school rankings. Parents across the country were eager to see where their community’s schools landed, but families living in the luxury apartments in Riverside, CA were thrilled to see both Clark Magnet and Crescenta Valley top the charts. Glendale and Hoover highs didn’t trail far behind, either. So, what helped these schools earn their status?

The Rankings

Clark Magnet landed 84th in California and 597th in the nation, with Crescenta Valley just behind at 89th in the state and 631st in the country. While those numbers might seem far from 1st place, they place both schools in the top 3-4% in the United States as well as California.

Glendale came in at 603rd in the state and 4,130th in the nation, making the top 25%. Meanwhile, Hoover landed 762nd and 5,494th, placing the school in the top 30-32% in each category. For reference, U.S. News & World Report ranked 2,494 schools in California and 17,245 high schools nationwide. This excludes private schools.

Earning A Rank

There is a list of six factors used to determine any school’s ranking. Topping that list is college preparation with a weight of 30%. College prep is measured by 12th graders who take either advancement placement or international baccalaureate exams. Passing those exams is worth three times as much as just taking them.

Math and reading proficiency follow with a weight of 20%, taking aggregate scores from state assessments. Next is math and reading performance with another 20%, which also takes aggregate scores from state assessments but also compares them to U.S. News’ expectations.

Underserved student performance comes next with a weight of 10%. This takes test scores from minorities and students from low-income households, then compares them to typical state scores for non-underserved students. Having underserved students score equal or higher is the goal for any school.

Next up is college curriculum breadth, which takes into account the number of 12th graders who pass AP and IB exams. Like college prep, passing an exam is worth three times as much as taking it. More exams are also more valuable, but only up to a maximum of four types.

Finally, there’s graduation rate. U.S. News & World Report look at 9th graders who attended and passed all four academic years for this category. Both curriculum breadth and graduation rate carry a 10% weight.

Here’s an easy-to-visualize breakdown:

  • College Prep – 30%
  • Math and Reading Proficiency – 20%
  • Math and Reading Performance – 20%
  • Underserved Student Performance – 10%
  • Curriculum Breadth – 10%
  • Graduation Rate – 10%

Why Glendale?

So, how did these schools make it into their impressive percentiles? Crescenta Valley landed the best in Glendale’s local area with a 59.5 in college prep and a 96% graduation rate. Clark Magnet wasn’t far behind.

When asked about the rankings, principals at the school attributed their success to hard working staff, students, and parents. They believe these ratings solidify the strength of their program, including its student-to-teacher ratios, and its ability to produce educated learners.

Those strengths were true before the U.S. News & World Report’s lists, though. Back in February, both Clark and Crescenta were named as 2019 California Distinguished Schools. The two have also been listed among 22 others nationwide in acknowledgement of their exemplary arts program, physical activity, nutrition, and career-technical education.

School leaders at Glendale and Hoover were proud of their program’s success as well. Both schools have a high number of English learners, something most schools find difficult due to the language barrier. Helping these students succeed on the same level as native English speakers is a tougher challenge, but each school has gone above and beyond to give students with language diversity the education they need to thrive.

The Long Road Ahead

All four schools are, and should be, proud of their listings. It goes to show the level of quality education available in the Glendale area. However, those rankings are both an indication of how far these schools have come and how far they can continue to go.

Clark, Crescenta, Glendale, and Hoover continually work to improve the quality of education they provide to their students. That isn’t just in academics, either. All four schools support a rounded curriculum where aspects like mental and physical health are equally as important as math and reading scores.

While it’s unclear how these schools will work to improve their already impressive rankings, parents can rest assured that they will work tirelessly to do so. In the meantime, there’s nothing quite like toting a little school pride.

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