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Glendale Fitness Guide

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Many may believe that downtown Los Angeles is where all the luxurious apartments and lavish lifestyles that follow them are at. However, here is a secret: Don’t count out Glendale. Located in the heart of Southern California, Glendale offers an enticing mix of culture, luxury, and comfort.

Located on North Central Avenue in Glendale, the Altana Apartment Homes luxurious apartments offers a variety of amenities. These include: private outdoor arena, beautiful quartz countertops, 9-foot ceilings, natural wood flooring, stacked washer and dryer, modern Italian cabinetry, air conditioning and more. Not to mention, the building itself features an accessible and expansive rooftop pool (so you can relax in luxury), outdoor fireplaces, demonstrations kitchens, and the list goes on.

From studio apartments in Glendale CA to 3-bedroom living spaces, Altana apartmets has something for everyone, especially when it comes to fitness. The building has not just a state of the art fitness center but a yoga room as well. That way, you can jump out of bed and into that downward facing dog in a minute or two. But, even if you aren’t in the mood to use the building’s amenities, the apartment homes are located to a number of fitness facilities you can check out and enjoy. To learn more about your fitness options, read on.

Glendale Yoga (5-7-Minute Drive)

Get out of bed, jump into your car, and pull up to Glendale Yoga in nothing less than 5-7 minutes! This yoga studio is perfect for anyone, beginner to advanced. It is a cozy community, filled with supportive staff who work with you to help your body work out the kinks it has built up from working in a desk all day (or all week!) long. Classes range from restorative to basic, hatha to bikram. Each instructor works to meet your needs, and each offers something special to ensure you enjoy your yoga experience. Proudly sporting a family feel, Glendale Yoga is a wonderful alternative to Altana Apartment Home’s luxurious yoga room. For those days you want to try something new, feel free to check out what this studio has to offer.

Equinox Gym (3-Minute Drive)

Only a short 3-minute drive from Altana, Equinox Gym is the ultimate lavish fitness facility. The shower, locker rooms and gym itself is clean, trainers offer helpful fitness advice, and the staff is friendly (which is especially important if you are pulling yourself out of bed for an early gym session). Equinox takes gym classes to another level by providing not just non-heated traditional exercise classes but heated yoga and spin classes as well. From waking up to working out, enjoy the luxurious lifestyle by ending your workout with Equinox’s eucalyptus infused towels.

Jewel City CrossFit (7-Minute Drive)

Within 7 short minutes from the Altana, you’ll be immersed in an encouraging environment, pushing you to your physical limit at Jewel City Crossfit. Staffed with motivational coaches, wanting you to get to your fullest physical potential (side note: we recommend that you don’t push yourself over your physical limit, and that you listen to your body), the CrossFit gym is equally competitive yet friendly. While straying from your usual strict workout routine, Jewel City CrossFit offers a fresh new workout of the day every time you step in.

With top notch and new equipment, clean changing facilities, and a friendly community of members, you are bound to feel a part of a CrossFit family. Members give one another pointers and push each other to their physical limits. On Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, pop in for Olympic Lifting (only if you are physically capable to do so). While on Mondays and Thursdays, relax and help heal your muscles from the weeks’ worth of strain by taking part in the complementary yoga for athletes session. Overall, Jewel City CrossFit is the best of both gym and personal training worlds. If you want to take a break from the state of the art gym at Altana, why not try a new gym experience at Jewel City CrossFit?

Glendale YMCA (4-5-Minute Drive)

Only a 4 to 5-minute drive, the Glendale YMCA is your standard neighborhood, family-friendly gym. If you are looking for a good group of regulars to work out with and great place for your kids to hang out while you hit treadmill, consider this fitness facility. The Glendale YMCA offers two weight rooms, a variety of workout equipment, ping pong, and group exercise classes ranging from body pump to yoga, plus more. Unlike other gyms, the Glendale YMCA’s inclusive and diverse crowd allows you to take a sigh of relief and enjoy a good old-fashioned workout without the competitiveness.

Final Thoughts: What’s the Gym for You?

No matter the age or lifestyle, there is a gym located near Altana that is perfect for you. Even if you don’t sign up for any of the gyms listed above, we recommend that you at least give them a try. You never know, that one day pass could turn into a full-time membership.

If you are looking for more of a luxurious gym vibe, consider Equinox—one of, if not the most, lavish brand name gyms in California. For an encouraging yet competitive fitness community, consider checking out CrossFit, which will push you to your physical limit (but shouldn’t push you pass it). If you have children and want to squeeze in a workout, Glendale YMCA is your go-to. Want a relaxing yoga class after a week’s worth of stress? How about Glendale Yoga? And, gym membership or no gym membership, as an Altana resident, you are always welcome to use our top-notch fitness facility and yoga room.

Considering studio apartments in Glendale CA?

Why not contact Altana to see our studio apartments in Glendale CA. With features—such as the lounge decks, landscaped gardens, and a Wi-Fi co-working space—you are bound to fall in love with one of the spaces.