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Glendale: 12th Safest US City

November 15, 2017

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Safety is an element on the mind of near every citizen, especially as it pertains to where they live. Would it shock you to learn the residents in the luxury apartments in Glendale, CA, are some of the safest around? That's according to a recent article in My Glendale City News, citing information that shows Glendale to be one of the safest cities in America. How did this come to be? What do the statistics show about Glendale's crime rates and overall level of safety? That's exactly what we'll be delving into today, along with what this great news means for prospective residents of this beautiful city.

First Things First: What Is The Article Claiming?

The City News article lays it out right near the beginning:

"Of the top 25 safest cities in America, Glendale ranked 12th for its low violent crimes and property crimes rate. Compared to the national annual total of 453 violent crimes per 100,000 people, Glendale experienced 95 violent crimes per 100,000. As for property crimes, the data show that Glendale experienced more than 1,000 less property crimes than the national annual total of 2,869 property crimes per 100,000 people."

According to, from which City News pulled their information, this gives the city a rank of "B-" overall. They go on to break out the stats further, showing the crime rates for specific offenses. Per 100,000 residents, they are as follows:

Assault: 48
Murder: 2
Rape: 8
Robbery: 37
Burglary: 262
Theft: 1,300
Motor Vehicle Theft: 174

All of these are below the national averages, according to, and show that Glendale is, on the whole, a safer place than normal to be in regards to all types of crime. According to the FBI, this comes at a time when violent crime has been on the increase for the past few years. According to their publication, 2016 Crime In The United States:

"In 2016, an estimated 1,248,185 violent crimes occurred nationwide, an increase of 4.1 percent from the 2015 estimate."

The only areas in which national crime has currently dropped are property crimes and larceny, but, as previously mentioned, the rates of such crimes is much lower in Glendale as well. Glendale is bucking the trends seen in many other parts of the nation. The next question to ask is, why?

What Glendale Is Doing To Improve Safety

As evidenced by the Glendale PD's website, they're engaging in a range of crime prevention activities to keep the streets safe. Glendale's Most Wanted, for instance, gets the word out about notorious suspects and gets the community involved in assisting the police in their apprehension.

Crime Stoppers allows residents to "report crime without getting involved," an invaluable tool for gaining information that can defend the community. Residents might be fearful of retribution for providing tips to the police. The Crime Stoppers hotline grants an avenue for doing so anonymously, mitigating those fears. The number of ways in which citizens can contact the police is diverse (phone, text, internet, etc.) allowing as many as possible to share what they know with the authorities. In addition, the potential for a cash reward for successful arrests provides additional motivation for individuals to reach out.

Then there's the Neighborhood Watch, where "residents cooperate with the Glendale Police Department to fight crime locally." The concept is one of the oldest and most effective methods for preventing crime in the country, and operates on very simple principles:

The Neighborhood Watch groups meet periodically to share neighborhood news and discuss crime prevention techniques.
Glendale Police Officers attend some of the meetings to speak on active issues or provide training.

Together, the police and residents of the community devise and implement the best strategies for keeping crime low and the neighborhoods free of danger.

The Department has a wealth of information on crime prevention which it provides to the community: information on setting up neighborhood watch groups, tips on securing your home from burglars, ways to protect your business from thieves, etc. By arming the community with knowledge, Glendale PD gives them practical tools that are paramount in curbing crime.

Additional information comes by way of tools like the Crime Map. It shows what kinds of crimes have taken place, where they occur, and when they happen so that citizens can become more aware of their surroundings and the potential dangers that lurk therein.

As for direct, proactive measures The Department has taken, actions like the collaboration between L.A. IMPACT and the ATF certainly fit the bill:

"ATF is teaming up with L.A. IMPACT and Glendale PD to host a range day where between 150 to 250 crime guns will be test-fired, the casings will be collected, and ATF will then add their images to NIBIN. The images will be compared to other casings collected at other crime scenes via the network. Law enforcement can search against evidence from their jurisdiction, neighboring ones, and others across the country."

This measure will allow the authorities to gain leads and solve crimes in which firearms have been used. Furthermore, Glendale PD itself is transforming in an effort to better connect with the community. As the LA Times reported back in 2016, they're bringing on new officers with "diverse language skills," a step that allows for better communication with the neighborhoods The Department Serves:

"Police work is all about relating to people — everybody is in a different situation. We come in in the midst of it and try to help them."

It's clear that these efforts are going a long way in keeping Glendale safe and making it one of the most desirable communities in which to live in Southern California.

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