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Everyday Like Thanksgiving

November 22, 2019

woman with mother smiling and hugging

Here’s a radical idea for you to implement over at the Burbank apartments for rent: treat every day like it’s Thanksgiving day. Now, your immediate reaction might be incredulity (after all, who’s cooking a huge Thanksgiving spread every single day of the week?), but hear us out for a moment. Thanksgiving is about more than the food or the decorating. There’s an ideal associated with Thanksgiving, a tradition for appreciation and gratitude for our friends, family, health, circumstances and much more. With us so far? Now, imagine what your life would be like if you were that grateful every day out of the year? What could you achieve, how would your emotional health and well-being change? Here’s a glimpse at what being thankful can do for you.

Give Thanks For It All

There are numerous religious traditions that put an emphasis on giving thanks and being grateful, but you don’t have to subscribe to a single one of them (or even give much of a care about the other components of Thanksgiving as a holiday) to imagine what embodying the ideal of this once-a-year tradition could bring.

You probably already understand that when you’re thankful, when you inject gratitude into your everyday existence, you’re priming yourself for all sorts of positive mindset changes. You’ll feel happier, you’ll be less stressed, you’ll start making more positive choices in your life, and you might even sleep better, for once!

Being thankful everyday goes beyond a selfish desire to improve your own circumstances. Being more grateful can have a big impact on the people around you — your friends, your family, your co-workers, etc. The effect is so great in the workplace, for instance, that Entrepreneur wrote a whole article on the topic, along with some simple strategies you can employ to keep yourself in that grateful mood:

  • Keeping a list of what you are and should be grateful for.
  • Getting in the habit of sending thank you notes.
  • Calling people to express your gratitude.
  • In-person meetings to credit the efforts of others.

Starting a “gratitude list” of people you want to congratulate.
Back to the topic of Thanksgiving every day, however, there’s yet another facet you should consider: volunteering. It’s not uncommon for people to get into a charitable mood around Thanksgiving and want to lend their time to help others in need. Keep that willingness to help going throughout the year, and you might find yourself making a significant impact in your community through consistent volunteer work.

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