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Driving on LA's Freeways

September 30, 2019

man driving a car

If you've lived at the apartments in Riverside, CA, or anywhere in the Los Angeles area for that matter, you know that traffic around the city can get hectic, to say the least. The mo[st recent report from Curbed shows that LA ranks fifth on the list of worst commutes in the country, edged out by Boston, Washington DC, Chicago, and New York. On average, LA drivers spent "128 hours stuck in traffic" during 2018, and those congestion levels are enough to send even the most Zen-like motorists into a veritable frenzy. It's not always terrible, though. Some days, it turns out, are a bit better than others, and today we're going to clue you in on when the roads are at least a bit more bearable around the City of Angels.

When (and When Not) to Drive in LA

So when are the best days to drive in Los Angeles? According to LAist, Crosstown has done some in-depth investigation on the matter, and discovered that if you're talking mornings, Monday and Friday are the best days to head out if you're trying to get somewhere in a hurry. On the flipside, Thursday mornings are the absolute worst time for LA drivers, with Tuesday and and Wednesday both tied for that in-between slot.

Now, when it comes to the evening drive time, Monday again shows up strong, with the easiest commute you'll experience across the LA area. And yet again, Thursday disappoints us with some of the slowest evening commutes (and likely the highest number of annoyed motorists).

If you're wondering how Crosstown came to their conclusions, they lain their methodology bare. As stated by Kate Lý Johnston:

"We divided freeways into 18 different [morning and evening] commutes across Los Angeles County. Then, we analyzed the average speeds on those freeway segments for between February and June 2018 by hour of the day and then by day of the week. We then calculated the average speeds during the peak of the [morning and evening] rush hour(s) [ 7 to 9 a.m. and 5 to 7 p.m.]."
You can get all the specifics by checking out the report, and see how things breakdown from freeway to freeway. In a nutshell, though, just remember that Monday is good, and Thursday, generally speaking, is abysmal for traffic.

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