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Downtown Glendale Plans

April 18, 2018

High rise buildings downtown

It’s more exciting than ever for those living in luxury apartments in Glendale. You see, the people in charge have major plans for Downtown Glendale in the immediate future. And they plan to develop this area to turn it into a thriving urban center.

When all the developments are through, you will have the opportunity to experience the downtown area in a whole new light. There’ll be plenty of amazing opportunities to enjoy new restaurants, theaters, arts, entertainment, a fully renovated Glendale Town Center, and so much more.

The beauty of these future renovations is that it provides residents of this community a unique opportunity to have so many things to do close to home. In fact, since this is such a close and tightknit community, many of the newly renovated areas are going to be within walking distance of your house or luxury apartment accommodations. For most people, this is a breath of fresh air because it’s exactly what they’ve been looking for and they are excited that these future renovations are on the verge of taking place.

To help you get a better understanding of the exciting changes about to take place, we’d like to fill you in on more information about the ongoing renovations of Downtown Glendale. When you’re through, you’ll know exactly what’s about to happen whether you live here or you’ve been considering moving to this quaint city in the San Fernando Valley in [Los Angeles County](

The Specific Plans for Do)wntown Glendale

At the end of the day, the city of Glendale, CA, is ready to develop their downtown area because there’s so much potential for the community to grow and thrive. Plus, they want to provide the city with a new regional identity, and the best way to do this is to create the downtown area in the image they’d like to portray.

The best thing about this development project is that it helps to ensure the community not only survives, but thrives for many years to come. That’s why the specific plan has been in development for the last five years, and it’s the reason why Glendale is on the verge of one of its most important developments in the city’s history.

Ultimately, as far as the downtown district is concerned, the development is going to take place on streets Including Glendale Ave., Colorado Street, Brand Boulevard, Glenoaks Ave., Broadway, and Central Avenue. They specifically chose these streets because they lead to other districts and surrounding neighborhoods, so developing this particular area in the region is crucial to their overall plan for achieving success in developing a thriving new district.

Overall, this plan is being put into place because they want to increase the amount of developed parkland and open space because they feel it will significantly increase the relationship between neighborhoods in the region and the downtown area. By doing so, they will be able to attract a lot more people to the area and create a thriving business and economic community for everyone living in this wonderful city.

Overall, there is a specific urban design that needs to be followed during the developmental phase of Downtown Glendale. But the community is ready to take on this challenge and the exciting developmental process is already underway.

The Specific Vision for the Downtown Arts & Entertainment District

If you’re going to redesign from the ground up, it obviously makes sense to include a thriving art and entertainment district. Otherwise you’ll be missing out on a unique opportunity to increase art and cultural awareness in such a thriving community like Glendale.

The ultimate vision for the Downtown Art & Entertainment District is inspired, challenging, but altogether doable. The city of Glendale envisions creating a beautiful district filled with plenty of great things to enjoy like comedy clubs, live music, nightclubs, art galleries, concept stores, and so much more. When development is complete, this neighborhood will be highly sought after and attract visitors from other parts of Los Angeles County and the San Fernando Valley.

Business owners are going to be particularly excited about these changes because these renovations will be a breath of fresh air for the entire community. They will not only beautify the entire neighborhood, but they will also bring in lots of revenue because people will come from far and wide to enjoy the exciting new developments taking place in the heart of the urban center in this district.

As of right now, the areas expected to be developed in the Downtown Art & Entertainment District include the Alex Theatre, the Downtown Central Library, and connections to Brand. Once this development is complete, it will help bring together the entire city of Glendale, California and make it a much closer, more tightknit community.

The Specific Plan for the Glendale Town Center

Lastly, the powers that be in Glendale plan to completely redevelop the Glendale Town Center. Specifically, the main reason for redevelopment of the area is to improve and revitalize the Glendale Central Business District. Even more specifically, they intend to create bigger and better open-air spaces; and new retail, entertainment, and housing developments, and much more.

By fixing up this area, Glendale intends to attract new residents and business owners to the region. When these exciting renovations are through, you will see a resurgence of people visiting Glendale to take advantage of the attractive and wildly popular new business district and the surrounding housing community that will soon follow.

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