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Discover Verdugo Mountains

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Whether you live in studio apartments in Glendale CA or other areas of Los Angeles County, you may find the beautiful scenery and gorgeous hiking trails of the Verdugo Mountains completely captivating. Or you may just like hiking and scenic areas in general, and feel that going to the outdoors and spending time in nature is certainly a good thing.

If you happen to avoid the outdoors more often than not, you may realize that going into the mountains is a great way to relax and unwind and get back to nature. Life can be incredibly stressful at times for many of us, and this is especially true if you work in an office environment and stare a computer screen all day long. Getting back to nature can help you reconnect with your roots, feel calm and relaxed once again, and ultimately help you overcome the stresses and challenges of daily life.

So, we’d like to tell everyone living in Southern California about the Verdugo Mountains. They have amazing hiking trails and it’s the perfect place to go if you need to step away from the office and electronics for a while to help return your body back to a state of balance. Plus, hiking is very good for you and it’s also a lot of fun, so you should definitely consider this pastime more seriously.

Information about the Verdugo Mountains

The Verdugo Mountains are part of the Transverse Ranges system, and they are a relatively small mountain range with patches of rugged terrain. Their location is immediately south of the San Gabriel Mountains, which are also located in Southern California, and in particular Los Angeles County.

The name of this mountain range might change depending on who you happen to talk to at the time. Some people like to call them simply the Verdugos. Others have a tendency to call them the Verdugo Hills – as you may remember this is known as one of the smaller mountain ranges even though the terrain is difficult in some instances and certainly quite rugged.

One of the most beautiful things about the Verdugo Mountains is that it is an area teeming with wildlife that is completely isolated unless you’re willing to do a little hiking to see it. This helps to preserve the natural wildlife in the area because there is a lot of underdeveloped parkland for these animals to roam and live.

For most people thinking about visiting these mountains, they do so because they would like to see the gorgeous wildlife in the region, they like to get in plenty of great hiking, or they may be into mountain biking. Whatever your potential reasons for visiting here, you should know that the area does have a number of rugged sections. So if you aren’t into rugged hiking or biking, you may want to find out about those areas ahead of time so you can avoid them or hike different trails.

Is Rock Climbing a Possibility at the Verdugo Mountains?

Believe it or not, besides hiking and mountain biking it’s also a whole lot of fun to visit this mountain range if you’re into rock-climbing. Since it’s located in LA County, you know that the weather is pretty much going to be sunny all the time with the occasional cloudy days mixed in between.

Since this is a relatively popular area, visiting on the weekends could be difficult because it’s often hard to find parking. But as far as the rock climbing is concerned, as long as you find a space on the weekend you’ll have no trouble climbing the rocks because it’s not necessarily the most popular reason why people like to visit this region.

You’ll be happy to know that the rocks are very solid in many areas. But there are also areas where the rock is sandstone which can be slick and slippery in other parts. So be careful if you do decide to visit the Verdugo Mountains in a rock climbing capacity. Remember to always be safe rather than sorry.

What Are the Names of the Hiking Trails in the Verdugo Mountains?

As you may or may not know, there are currently seven hiking trails available for hikers and mountain bikers in the Verdugo Mountains. These trails present their own unique characteristics and challenges, so you may want to learn about the different trails before you choose to hike any one of them.

First, we have the La Tuna County Trail. This trail is 975 feet in the air and 4.5 miles long. On this trail, you are going to ascend a pair of canyons and a ridge in La Tuna Canyon Park on the northwest side of the Verdugos.

Next we have the Hostetter Fire Road to Verdugo Peak Trail. This trail is at an elevation of 1400 feet and it’s 7.5 miles long. The trail is located on the north side of the Verdugo Hills and it’s one of the highest summits in the area. So if you aren’t into elevated hikes, this might not be your favorite trail.

Old Youth Camp Loop in Stough Canyon is a lollipop loop that is 2.6 miles long and at an elevation of 700 feet. It’s cool because you get to hike through the ruins of an abandoned camp and also enjoy the beautiful views that the San Fernando Valley has to offer.

Vital Link Trail is 3 to 5 miles long and 1275 to 1800 feet in elevation. You’ll ascend this steep ridge on the south side of the mountains, which could be scary for some. But the views are also truly amazing, so keep that in mind.

Skyline Motorway is a trail from 6.1 to 6.6 miles and it’s at an elevation of 1625 to 1825 feet. The trail ascends a fire road that is now abandoned and you’ll get an amazing view of the downtown Los Angeles skyline as well as other attractive and expansive views.

Beaudry Motorway Loop to Tongva Peak is elevated at 1475 feet and the trail is 6.15 miles long. The trail loops the entirety of the Tongva Peak Summit on the eastern side of the Verdugo Mountains.

Las Flores Motorway to Mount Thom this trail is at a 1260 feet elevation and it’s 5.3 miles long. The trail is found on a wide dirt road that will take you to the summit of Mount Thom. It also has many beautiful panoramic views of the Verdugo Mountains that you’ll truly appreciate.

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