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Annual Arbor Day In Glendale

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Arbor Day, one of our few holiday’s that strictly tree-focused, is coming up fast. Communities across the nation will be gearing up to celebrate, and places like the apartments in Riverside are no exception. We’ll be gearing up with a big-time Arbor Day celebration over in Glendale, one that will get anyone interested in doing some good on March 6th.

Whether you’re gung-ho about getting out there to help plant some trees or you just find yourself mildly intrigued and want to learn a bit more before deciding whether you’ll participate, read on, as we go in depth about Arbor Day and this upcoming celebration.

What Is Arbor Day And Why Is It Important?

You can learn much about the history of Arbor Day and how it came to be a significant deal in the United States from this Times Magazine feature, which explores how the holiday first came about in 1872:

“The celebration came a few months after J. Sterling Morton, a vice-president of the Nebraska State Board of Agriculture, first proposed to the Board that the day be set aside for tree planting and that they should offer a special premium or prize for the county and for the person that planted the most trees on that day. The Board approved his resolution. Reportedly, there were more than a million trees planted in the state that first year.”

Since then, Arbor Day has been an annual celebration that has spread across the nation. It is held nationally on the last Friday in April, but individual states can have their own dates for celebration as well, which is why the Glendale Celebration is occurring March 8th.

Now, more than 100 years after Arbor Day’s inception, the Arbor Day Foundation, created in 1972, embodies the spirit of this celebration of our natural environment, and provides a blueprint by which other organizations model their efforts to give back to the forests.

They’ve distributed more than 250 million trees since their inception, and continue to make the world a cleaner place through a number of their programs, which brings us to why Arbor Day is so important. It focuses attention on our most precious resource -- the environment -- and challenges everyone to do their part in taking care of it. You can learn more about how California and the Arbor Day Foundation are teamed up hereand check out the California State Report on the tree situation here.

*What About This Arbor Day Celebration In Glendale?

For its part, Glendale Beautiful will be having a 68th Annual Arbor Day Celebration on March 6th at 10:00AM at the Casa Adobe De San Rafael:

“Glendale Beautiful, in cooperation with Glendale's Community Services and Parks Department, will hold Arbor Day observances on March 6, 2018 at the Casa Adobe de San Rafael - 1330 Dorothy Drive, Glendale, CA 91202. Participate in beautifying our city by donating a tree to be planted in available Glendale park areas.”

This, naturally, deserves some further exploration. First and foremost, what exactly is Glendale Beautiful? For those that don’t know, this is a non-profit organization, established in 1950, with the aims of promoting, encouraging, and protecting the beauty of the community. They’ve observed Arbor Day ever since their inception, “encouraging the donation of trees honoring loved ones, organizations, or causes in local parks and public areas.”

They’ve been responsible for the planting of more than 7.500 trees, and even have one of the Arbor Day Foundation’s designations as a Tree City, USA:

“The Tree City USA program has been greening up cities and towns across America since 1976. It is a nationwide movement that provides the framework necessary for communities to manage and expand their public trees.”

In addition, they are dedicated to showing off some of the early history of Glendale, and California at large, in the Casa Adobe De San Rafael, a period-style hacienda that they were instrumental in restoring and continue to support. Members of Glendale Beautiful took the time to furnish this building with period furniture and artifacts, and even provide tours and support self-guided visits to the property, along with open houses complete with “Luminarias, seasonal decorations, music, and refreshments” every December. You can learn more about the beautiful Casa Adobe here.

As for the Arbor Day festivities, you can get an idea of what this year will be like by looking at past year’s celebrations. The LA Times covered 2017’s Arbor Day in some detail, recounting that some 80 trees were donated during the event and that both organizations and individuals pitched in to help this worthy cause. It was inspirational, and perhaps most invigorating were the words of Narek Cultural Foundation representative Arthur Mikaelian:

“No matter what, the trees are going to live and our kids they are going to study and learn about the culture. They can walk into the park and see the tree and think about ... Armenian history.”

If you’re interested in donating a tree, you can head to the Glendale Beautiful homepage, which includes links for making a donation and allows you to download the mail-in form for doing so. The Glendale Beautiful Facebook page contains more information about the event, as well as more information about the specific donations:

“Trees of standard size are $50.00 this year, while larger specimen trees in 24 inch boxes are $150. Given that the specimen trees are more sustainable, it is highly recommended that donors consider donating a specimen tree. The donation deadline is February 28, 2018.”

It might also be helpful to check out some photos of previous Glendale Beautiful events while you’re there, to get a sense of the good work the organization has been up to and how much fun they have doing it. This year is sure to be just as thrilling as previous ones, so make sure you get involved -- both for the environment, and in the interest of having a great time.

*Enjoy Arbor Day From The Apartments In Riverside

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